Student Poster and Demo Awardees

Student Poster and Demo Awardees

Poster Award Winners

IoT Technology

1st Place | Sumaiya Shomaji, Dr. Fatemeh (Saba) Ganji, Dr. Damon Woodard, Dr. Domenic Forte | “Hierarchical Bloom Filter Framework for Security, Space-efficiency, and Rapid Query Handling in Biometric Systems”

2nd Place | Raj Gautam Dutta | “Security of autonomous vehicle sensors”

3rd Place | Jonathan Cruz | “The Metric Matters: The Art of Measuring Trust in Electronics”

IoT Application

1st Place | Srivalli Boddupalli, Akash Someshwar Rao | “Security Assurance of Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Communication”

2nd Place | Tamzidul Hoque | “An Obfuscation-based Countermeasure against FPGA Bitstream Tampering Attacks”

2nd Place | Pankaj Bhowmik, Md Jubaer Hossain Pantho, Dr. Christophe Bobda | “Visual Cortex Inspired Pixel-Level Re-configurable Processors for Smart Image Sensors”

3rd Place | Mai Abdelmalek | “UAV-assisted authentication for Millimeter Wave Wireless Mesh Networks”

Demo Award Winners

1st Place | Naren Raj Masna, David Ariando, Dr. Soumyajit Mandal, Dr. Swarup Bhunia | “Authentication of Consumables using Portable NQR Spectrometer”

2nd Place | Reiner Dizon, Christopher Vega, Prabuddha Chakraborty, Dr. Joel Harley, Dr. Sandip Ray, Dr. Swarup Bhunia | “SAINT: Self-Aware Infrastructure with Intelligent Technologies”

3rd Place | Srivalli Boddupalli, Akash Someshwar Rao | “Detection and Mitigation of Communication Attacks on Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control”