AI and IoT Workshop Series: Smart Manufacturing Solutions for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Join us for the AI and IoT Workshop Series, hosted by the Warren B. Nelms Institute for the Connected World. This free workshop series will focus on smart manufacturing solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. Learn how the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) Revolution is impacting small…... Read More

Women in IoT (WiT) Workshop 2021

The 2nd Annual Women in IoT (WiT) (Virtual) Workshop Theme: AI on the Edge  Warren B. Nelms Institute for the Connected World Wednesday, September 22, 2021 1pm - 5pm EDT (UTC -4) STUDENT POSTERS - CALL FOR ABSTRACTS (Closed.) WIT 2021 FLYER Event Agenda: 1:00 – 1:15 pm – Welcome…... Read More

IoT Design Competition 2021

About the competition This is the 1st annual IoT Design Competition hosted by the UF IoT Students Club. This competition is sponsored by the Warren B. Nelms Institute for the Connected World and Texas Instruments. In this competition team with no more than 4 members participate by selecting one design…... Read More

Nelms Distinguished e-Seminar Series

Nelms IoT institute brings out to you interesting tech talks by renowned professors around the globe. Please find below a current list of confirmed speakers of our e-Seminar series. Read More

Hacking in Style: Using Program Analysis Tools for Detecting Vulnerabilities in the IoT Ecosystem

Abstract As the Internet of Things (IoT) brings an unprecedented connectedness and capabilities to our daily lives, the security of IoT devices and the privacy of users are threatened by the wide attack surface enabled by this connectedness. While IoT consumers enjoy the convenience of their devices, they also wonder…... Read More

Frontiers in AI and IoT Workshop

Description: Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) and their convergence with Internet of Things (IoT) are transforming many fields of study. We welcome UF faculty to present their scholarship in a UF interdisciplinary faculty workshop to understand issues in organizations that provide AI services and industries that adopt AI/IoT…... Read More

Women in IoT (WiT) Workshop 2020 (archived)

The 2020 Workshop has passed.  Please visit the 2021 Workshop page: The 1st Annual Nelms Workshop on Women in IoT (WiT): Leading Through Change  Warren B. Nelms Institute for the Connected World Monday, October 12, 2020 Day/Date: Monday, October 12, 2020 Time: 1:00-5:00pm EST Delivery: Via Zoom (Registered attendees…... Read More

Warren B. Nelms Annual IoT Conference 2019

Warren B. Nelms Annual IoT Conference 2019

The Warren B. Nelms Institute for the Connected World stays at the forefront of research, education and outreach activities on core IoT technologies, including security, safety, machine intelligence, and interoperability, and their innovative applications in solving global problems.The annual IoT conference is to be held on Dec 3-4,2019 Read More