Nelms Lightning Talks Series

Nelms Lightning Talks Series

Learn more about the smart and connected world through talks presented by Warren B. Nelms Institute and University of Florida researchers. These short 15-minute presentations will cover IoT technology and applications in diverse fields, such as healthcare, agriculture, climate, transportation, and education, and reflect the diverse areas of study researched in the Warren B. Nelms Institute.

Online Monitoring of Big Data Streams in IoT Systems

Abstract: In this talk, the challenge of IoT big data monitoring is introduced in detail and a monitoring and sampling algorithm based on data augmentation is demonstrated as one solution. Specifically, at each observation time, the proposed method will automatically augment information for unobservable variables based on the online observations, and then intelligently allocate the monitoring resources to the most suspicious data streams. Simulation studies as well as a real case study on real-time solar flare detection are conducted to demonstrate the efficacy and applicability of the proposed method.

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One Size AI Does Not Fit All: A Step Towards GeoAI

Abstract: In this short presentation, Dr. Jiang introduces his research on GeoAI, an emerging area at the intersection of AI and Geoscience domains. The talk will cover the societal needs, unique technical challenges, as well as several ongoing research projects that address some of these challenges.

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Tensor Analytics for Systems of Federated Systems

Abstract: This presentation introduces a “system of federated systems (SoFSy)” approach for modeling high-dimensional and high-variety data that are common in modern IoT-enabled applications such as manufacturing and agriculture. A tensor regression model is briefly presented to address some of the challenges of SoFSy.

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