REU Site: Secure, Accessible, and Sustainable Transportation

REU Site: Secure, Accessible, and Sustainable Transportation

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Site Overview

Recent years are seeing a transformative and rapid push towards autonomy in the transportation systems, driven by explosive infusion of electronics, sensors, and software. Autonomous transportation holds out the promise of dramatically improving transportation system by reducing and eventually eliminating human errors and inefficiencies. However, it has resulted in new and challenging research questions on effective use of autonomy to achieve security, accessibility, and sustainability.

  • How can the electronics and software in transportation systems be protected against cyber-attacks?
  • How can autonomy cater to persons with disabilities that currently depend on a human operator for a variety of transportation needs?
  • How can we trust autonomous transportation to operate safely?
  • How can we exploit autonomy to minimize impact of transportation on our environment?

The REU site will support talented undergraduate students to perform high-impact research exploring these and other research questions and come up with novel solutions.