Warren B. Nelms IoT Fall Newsletter, 2020

The Warren B. Nelms Institute is strongly committed to inclusion, diversity, equity and access in engineering and education and there is no place for hatred and discrimination in our institute. For more information on our shared position with the University of Florida’s position and commitments, we refer you to the statements of UF President and our affiliated college deans:

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The newsletter will highlight your ongoing activities and accomplishments, not only on the research front but also on education and outreach. We hope to keep you up-to-date on the broad research activities within the Institute, as well as provide opportunities for collaboration. We look forward to connecting with you.

Swarup Bhunia, Director, Semmoto Endowed Professor, ECE
My T. Thai, Associate Director, UF Research Foundation Professor, CISE​

Women in IoT Workshop Highlighted Leadership in the World of IoT

The inaugural Women in IoT Workshop was held virtually via the Zoom platform, on Monday, Oct. 12. and was led by members of the Warren B. Nelms Institute for the Connected World. With a keynote speaker, panel discussions, and student poster sessions, the densely packed workshop was more like a mini-conference. More than 200 registrants were able to join from all over the world.

Pivoting to the pandemic, Nelms IoT engineers create wearables to stop COVID’s spread

Warren B. Nelms Institute for the Connected World and ECE faculty members Swarup Bhunia, Yier Jin, Soumyajit Mandal, and their students are all featured in a UFNews article highlighting their recent work of developing real-life smart devices to control the transmission of the pandemic. Their work includes a wristband that tells kids when they’re too close together at a school, a wearable that detects a possible COVID infection, and a smart mask that cleans the air around.

Eisenstadt Introduces Smart Mosquito Cages to Safely, Effectively Test Insecticides

William Eisenstadt, Nelms Institute member and professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and his group will develop a prototype of a smart mosquito bioassay cage that evaluates the properties of insect spray aerosols and records environmental information at spraying time such as temperature, humidity, timestamp and location and also reports the information wirelessly to a cell phone or a computer. 

New NSF Award in Cyberinfrastructure for Sustained Scientific Innovation (CSSI): Elements

Dr. Janise McNair, Associate Professor in UF Electrical & Computer Engineering (UF ECE) and Nelms Institute Faculty member is beginning a new multi-discipline collaboration with Dr. Sanjeev Koppal, Assistant Professor in UF ECE, Dr. Aaron Costin, Assistant Professor in UF College of Design, Construction and Planning (UF DCP), and Dr. Idris Jeelani, Assistant Professor in UF DCP. This project will develop a robust cyberinfrastructure (CI) system and service for construction research and applications to address the current challenges faced in the construction industry.

Prof. Jin Wins IEEE CEDA Ernest S. Kuh Early Career Award

Professor Yier Jin, member and lead of the education program of the Warren B. Nelms Institute wins the prestigious 2020 IEEE CEDA Ernest S. Kuh Early Career Award in 2020 for his contributions to trustworthy and secure semiconductors and systems design, verification, and assurance as well as the contributions to promote IoT and embedded system design and security.


Welcome, Dr. Sara Rampazzi!

Dr. Sara Rampazzi has recently joined the Warren B. Nelms for the Connected World, and she will start as an Assistant Professor at the University of Florida in the Department of CISE on January 1st 2021. Her current research focuses on cyber-phyisical system security, embedded systems design, modeling, and simulation with applications in Healthcare, Automotive, and the Internet of Things. I investigate security risks to design reliable devices.

Welcome, Kelsey Horace-Herron

Kelsey Horace-Herron is a first-year ECE Ph.D. student who is a member of the Warren B. Nelms Institute for the Connected World under the supervision and mentorship of Professor Swarup Bhunia and fellow graduate student Naren Masna. This past spring Kelsey received her B.S. degree in computer engineering from Jackson State University, Jackson. Kelsey hopes her research will lead to maintaining the security and integrity of the food supply chain and decreasing the consumption of counterfeit medications.

Graduate Student Atul wins the outstanding achievement award from the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering

Atul Prasad Deb Nath, a doctoral student at the Warren B. Nelms Institute, wins the Outstanding Achievement Award 2020 from the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering, University of Florida. The International Student Awards Ceremony is celebrated each year in tandem with UF’s International Education Week and is sponsored by the UF International Center. The awards are created to acknowledge the outstanding achievements of international students in the college, university, and community. The awards recognize the contributions of international students to promote and foster continued involvement and outstanding achievement.