New NSF Award in Cyberinfrastructure for Sustained Scientific Innovation (CSSI): Elements

Elements: Cyberinfrastructure Service for IoT-based Construction Research and Applications

Dr. Janise McNair, Associate Professor in UF Electrical & Computer Engineering (UF ECE) and Nelms Institute Faculty member is beginning a new multi-discipline collaboration with Dr. Sanjeev Koppal, Assistant Professor in UF ECE, Dr. Aaron Costin, Assistant Professor in UF College of Design, Construction and Planning (UF DCP), and Dr. Idris Jeelani, Assistant Professor in UF DCP. This project will develop a robust cyberinfrastructure (CI) system and service for construction research and applications to address the current challenges faced in the construction industry. The major contribution of the project is the development of the IoT-ACRES (IoT-Applied Construction Research and Education Services) system, a central, interoperable framework hub that can incorporate a variety of heterogeneous sensors, technology, software, managed by a software-defined network infrastructure and optimized by machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques. This effort is funded by the National Science Foundation CSSI: Elements Program, Award #2004544.