New Student Member Highlight: Kelsey Horace-Herron

Kelsey Horace-Herron
Kelsey Horace-Herron is a first year ECE Ph.D. student who is a member of the Warren B. Nelms Institute for the Connected World under the supervision and mentorship of Professor Swarup Bhunia and fellow graduate student Naren Masna. This past spring Kelsey received her B.S. degree in computer engineering from Jackson State University, Jackson, MS.

Kelsey’s research interest consists of food security and medicine authentication which is why she will be taking the lead in the involvement of detecting fake medicines and food authentication/traceability using Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance (NQR) spectroscopy. Kelsey hopes her research will lead to maintaining the security and integrity of the food supply chain and decreasing the consumption of counterfeit medications.

Aside from research, Kelsey’s goal is to expand her network by becoming involved in many graduate student organizations.