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Swarup Bhunia, Director & Semmoto Endowed Professor, ECE
My T. Thai, Associate Director & UF Research Foundation Professor, CISE​

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Dr. Shuo Wang and Team Devise ‘VoltSchemer’ Attacks Targeting Wireless Chargers

Wireless charging has become popular in recent years for portable electronics such as smartphones and smart watches due to its convenience. The existing wireless charging Qi standard has integrated measures to protect systems’ security. However in a recent paper, Dr. Shuo Wang and his team have disclosed hidden security and privacy vulnerabilities of smartphone wireless charging systems when they are under intentional electromagnetic interference (IEMI) attacks.


Aquasonic: Research Reveals Vulnerabilities in Underwater Data Centers

Underwater data centers (UDCs) hold promise as next-generation data storage due to their energy efficiency and environmental sustainability benefits. While the natural cooling properties of water save power, the isolated aquatic environment and long-range sound propagation characteristics in water create unique vulnerabilities which differ from those of on-land data centers. In this new work called Aquasonic, a team of researchers led by Dr. Sara Rampazzi discover the unique vulnerabilities of fault-tolerant storage devices, resource allocation software, and distributed file systems to acoustic attacks.

UF Team Works to Create Most Resilient Sensor on Earth

A diverse team led by three ECE Florida faculty members is set to receive funding from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to design and fabricate dynamic pressure sensors capable of performing at temperatures upwards of 800 °C (1472 °F), over a factor of 6X higher than any integrated pressure sensor currently in use. The $6.6M project, funded as part of the DARPA High Operational Temperature Sensors (HOTS) program, seeks to enable all manners of electronics and sensors that would be integral to industrial, military, and space applications.


Dr. Swarup Bhunia Named 2024 UF Research Foundation Professor

The IoT Students Club hosted a Hands-On Hardware Workshop for fellow students on February 26, 2024. The goal of the workshop was to help students learn about sensor fusion and gain hands-on experience designing an IoT system with AI capabilities. IoT Students Club, an organization affiliated with the Warren B. Nelms Institute for the Connected World, promotes the advancement of the Internet of Things (IoT) among the undergraduate and graduate populations at the University of Florida.


Three Nelms Undergraduate Students Receive University Scholars Program Awards for IoT Research

Three undergraduate students in the Warren B. Nelms Institute have received a 2024 University Scholars Program award to work on IoT-related research under the mentorship of Dr. Aaron Costin. The projects focus on improving safety for construction workers and monitoring conditions on construction sites. Each student is utilizing the IoT-ACRES framework, which is the product of a collaborative NSF project led by Dr. Costin, Elements: Cyberinfrastructure Service for IoT-Based Construction Research and Applications.


Carson Sobolewski Receives ECE Undergraduate Student Research Excellence Award

Computer Engineering undergraduate student Carson Sobolewski is the recipient of the 2024 ECE Undergraduate Student Research Excellence award. The award is given yearly to the top ECE undergraduate student who has excelled in their research during the academic year. Students are nominated by their faculty advisor. Sobolewski has worked on several research projects under the mentorship of Dr. Domenic Forte and Dr. Ivan Ruchkin.


Mark Your Calendar for the 2024 Warren B. Nelms Annual IoT Conference!

The Warren B. Nelms Annual IoT Conference will be returning this Fall. The conference will have a variety of keynote speakers, industry panels, student poster and demo sessions, and the co-located Women in IoT Workshop.

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Warren B. Nelms Institute research addresses major world challenges relating to public health, energy, education, transportation, and more. Together with our esteemed group of multi-disciplinary faculty and students, we are developing broad Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and their applications to create more secure, sustainable, and connected communities. With billions of IoT-connected devices al-ready in the world today—and billions more in the coming years—the institute remains at the forefront of this burgeoning field while creating a critical mass of expertise at the convergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and IoT. We invite you to browse our current and ongoing Warren B. Nelms Institute research projects.

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