Carson Sobolewski Receives ECE Undergraduate Student Research Excellence Award

Computer Engineering undergraduate student Carson Sobolewski is the recipient of the 2024 ECE Undergraduate Student Research Excellence award. The award is given yearly to the top ECE undergraduate student who has excelled in their research during the academic year. Students are nominated by their faculty advisor.

Sobolewski has worked on several research projects under the mentorship of Dr. Domenic Forte and Dr. Ivan Ruchkin. One project is PCB Reverse Engineering, where he worked on creating a pipeline for the automatic recreation of KiCad PCB design files from raw data obtained from X-ray tomography of existing boards. Another project aims to take top-down images of a car from a simulator and train AI to classify whether the car is in a safe position. This research was published in a paper called, “How Safe Am I Given What I See? Calibrated Prediction of Safety Chances for Image-Controlled Autonomy.” Sobolewski’s current research interests lie in embedded development, computer vision, hardware security, and artificial intelligence.

In the past academic year, Sobolewski was part of the University Scholars Program, mentored by Dr. Forte. In the 2024-2025 academic year, he will be working as an AI Scholar with Dr. Ruchkin.