IoT Design Competition 2021

IoT Design Competition 2021

Congratulations to the 2021 winners:

1st Place:

Remote Chess by Dylan Ferris and Austin Welch; University of Florida

2nd Place:

A Point of Care healthcare wearable device for monitoring Heart Failure by Sheikh Muhammad Asher Iqbal; Florida Atlantic University

3rd Place:

UF Smart Campus by Larry Rentz, Quadri Abiru, and TJ Thomas; University of Florida

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About the competition

This is the 1st annual IoT Design Competition hosted by the UF IoT Students Club. This competition is sponsored by the Warren B. Nelms Institute for the Connected World and Texas Instruments. In this competition team with no more than 4 members participate by selecting one design topic and they will need to build an IoT edge device and demonstrate its functionality. The team is responsible for hardware integration, packaging with custom or off-the-shelf enclosure, communication, and software installation during the competition.

This competition promotes the participation of our undergraduate, graduate student population in the application of IoT technology to solve real-life problems, enhancing their understanding and creating awareness about the enormous prospect the IoT technology brings. We expect the competition, run by a student body, would help stimulate students’ interest in the broad field of IoT and contribute towards creating a well-trained future workforce in the nation.

Eligibility: Undergraduate and Graduate students from the colleges within the United States.

Starter Kit: Teams will be provided with the Launchpad module by Texas Instruments (TI) and contains Sensor Module, Battery.

Design Topics

  1. Open Topic – Create your own IoT system with any IoT devices (smart and connected endpoint device) that targets a specific application that is an IoT-enabled technique.
  2. Smart Bike Assistant – An IoT device that can be used by student bikers for campus use of their Bikes. Specific features of interest include but not limited to the location of bikes, location & status of bike parking areas nearby, campus navigation, safety alerts during the commute.
  3. Pet-O-Meter – A smart wearable for pets (cats/dogs) to monitor their activity (and possibly other behavioral parameters, e.g., sleep pattern, for health monitoring) throughout the day and to encourage them healthy behavior (e.g., encouraging activity when low activity is recorded).

 Note – Teams must choose either of the topics or open topic as specified and submit a 2-page proposal on the features and design plan for their device in a specific format that we provide.

2021 Registration now closed

competition Timeline

Deadline: 18 June 2021

  • A team of 4(maximum) will be registering for the competition using the sign-up form.
  • Teams should fill up the proposal submission form no later than the deadline mentioned. The given team address should be valid to receive the starter kits.
  • Choose a design topic and propose a solution with supporting information as a document in the proposal form.
  • There is no registration fee for this competition.
Begins on- 25 June 2021
Ends on- 3 Sep 2021

  • Qualifiers to the competition phase will be announced based on the proposal given to the topic selected/open topic and the actual competition begins with the qualified teams.
  • Qualified teams will start receiving the starter Kits(TI Launchpad, Sensor Module, Battery) to their given address and should start working on the problem statement proposed.
  • Teams should present the complete project solution by making a short-sized video no later than the deadline.
Winner announcement on- 17 Sep 2021

  • Best performed teams will be shortlisted for final judgment.
  • Winners will be announced after evaluating the project demos and presentation by the jury team during the final judging live demo
  • For Non-UF students, Awardee recipients will have to complete University of Florida (UF) vendor paperwork to receive their award/cash prize
  • For UF students, the cash prize may affect their financial aid.


Prizes & Awards

The cash prize is sponsored by the Warren B. Nelms Institute and physical prizes are sponsored by Texas Instruments.
Total cash prize worth $6000 followed by physical Prizes & Certificates

  • 1st place   – $3000
  • 2nd place – $2000
  • 3rd place  – $1000

Physical prizes list:NES Classic, Apple Airpods, Fitbit Charge 3, Apple TV 4th Gen, JBL Charge 3 Speaker, Saleae Logic 4, TI Backpack, TI Notebook, TI Power Bank




Any questions and queries? contact IoT Students Club