Warren B. Nelms Institute Newsletter, January 2023

The newsletter will highlight your ongoing activities and accomplishments, not only on the research front but also on education and outreach. We hope to keep you up-to-date on the broad research activities within the Institute, as well as provide opportunities for collaboration. We look forward to connecting with you.

Swarup Bhunia, Director & Semmoto Endowed Professor, ECE
My T. Thai, Associate Director & UF Research Foundation Professor, CISE​

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NELMS LIGHTNING TALKS: “Energy-Efficient Secure Communication and Sensing for the Internet of Bodies (IoB)”

Presented by Dr. Baibhab Chatterjee, Assistant Professor, ECE

Abstract: The last few decades have witnessed an unprecedented growth in multiple areas of electronics spanning low-power sensing, intelligent computing and high-speed wireless connectivity. In the foreseeable future, there would be hundreds of billions of computing devices, sensors, things and people, wherein the technology will become intertwined with our lives through continuous interaction and collaboration between humans and machines. Such human-centric ideas give rise to the concept of internet of bodies (IoB) which calls for novel and energy-efficient techniques for sensing, processing and secure communication for resource-constrained IoB nodes. With this vision in mind, this talk presents some of the energy-efficient communication and sensing techniques developed by Dr. Baibhab Chatterjee in the recent past.

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Shuo Wang and Team Warn Against the Dangers of the ‘Invisible Finger’

Add the ‘invisible finger’ to the growing list of potential hacking attacks against which our devices need to be defended. ECE researcher Dr. Shuo Wang and his security research group at the Warren B. Nelms Institute for the Connected World have been making the rounds of late, showcasing their research to Apple, Intel, Google and the like. They also presented at BlackHat 2022. What’s the big commotion? It turns out that touchscreen-based electronic devices are vulnerable to intentional electromagnetic interference (IEMI) attacks.


Sandip Ray Leads $500K Project to Raise Awareness of Automotive Security Risks

Modern cars have hundreds of computing elements, a large number of sensors, several miles of cable, and are running several hundred Megabytes of code. Recent work has shown that hacking into a car is unfortunately easier than we may have thought. Dr. Sandip Ray is leading a team in the Warren B. Nelms Institute for the Connected World to specifically target the problem of the lack of awareness of cybersecurity risks to automotive systems. Along with collaborators Dr. Janise McNair, Dr. Swarup Bhunia, and Dr. Wanli Xing, Dr. Ray is leading a $500k project supported by the Secure and Trustworthy Cyberspace (SaTC) program at the National Science Foundation.


Dr. Janise McNair Gives Talks at IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things

Dr. Janise McNair, associate professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering, gave an invited talk entitled, “IoT in Agriculture: Creating Access and Opportunity” at the IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things in the Vertical: Agriculture Track, in Yokohama, Japan. The 2022 IEEE 8th World Forum on Internet of Things (WF-IoT 2022) brings the latest from the research and academic community. It includes a broad program of papers and presentations on the latest technology developments and innovations in the many fields and disciplines that drive the utility and vitality of IoT solutions and applications.


Student Spotlight: Tre’ R. Jeter

Tre’ R. Jeter is a PhD Student of Computer Science working in the Adaptive Learning and Optimization Lab since Fall 2021. He is advised by Dr. My T. Thai, Associate Director of Warren B. Nelms Institute for the Connected World at the University of Florida.

Tre’s broad research interests are computer architecture, cyber security, and high-performance computing. Tre’s current research focuses on identifying risks and improving user privacy in federated learning environments.



Date: March 30-31, 2023
Location: Emerson Alumni Hall, University of Florida
The two-day conference will include keynote speakers, panels, visionary talks, and exciting student demo and poster sessions. Registration for the conference will open in February.

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How to Get Internships/Jobs at Top Companies

Panel Workshop presented by IoT Students Club at University of Florida
February 2, 2023
Time: 4pm-5pm
Location: New Engineering Building (NEB) 409

Join the IoT Students Club at University of Florida for tips and Q&A with student panelists who have landed internships and jobs at top companies including MIT Lincoln Lab, Los Alamos National Lab, Intel, Sandia, Infosys, Raytheon, and Elbit Systems of America. Please RSVP by clicking the button below.


2nd Annual Student IoT Design Competition

Our 2nd annual student-led IoT Design Competition, organized by the IoT Students Club at University of Florida, is coming to a close. The competition is sponsored by Texas Instruments, Microsoft, and the Warren B. Nelms Institute for the Connected World. In this competition, 25 teams across the world created their own IoT project, in either a hardware or software category, to target a specific real-world application. The final project video demos will be available for viewing at the end of January.

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The Warren B. Nelms Institute for the Connected World celebrated its 5th Anniversary in January 2022. Since its inception in 2017, the institute has become a national leader in the education and research on Internet of Things (IoT) Innovation. Under the leadership of Dr. Swarup Bhunia, Director, and Dr. My T. Thai, Associate Director, the Warren B. Nelms Institute has developed broad IoT technologies and applications to create more secure, efficient, and connected communities.



Warren B. Nelms Institute research addresses major world challenges relating to public health, energy, education, transportation, and more. Together with our esteemed group of multi-disciplinary faculty members, we are developing broad Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and applications to create more secure and connected communities. We invite you to browse our current and ongoing Warren B. Nelms Institute research projects. Many of these projects are collaborative, interdisciplinary, and showcase our unique expertise on IoT.

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