Dr. Janise McNair Recognized as Network Research and Service “Star”

In December 2021, Janise McNair, Ph.D., UF Associate Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering and Warren B. Nelms Institute faculty member, was named one of 13 2021 Stars in Networking and Communications  by the N2Women (Networking Networking Women) group of the IEEE Communications Society. The N2Women’s Stars List recognizes researchers who have displayed outstanding research outcomes and/or service contribution in the networking and communications field. 

The acknowledgement states, “Janise has been at the forefront of ‘next G’ cellular research for many years. Her work helped to usher in the multimedia services of 3G and the heterogeneous networks of 4G. Currently, she is helping to usher in multi-radio access technology (RAT) integration in 6G networks… Janise is tackling new and novel challenges with each new project to push advances in networking toward systems development and applications, such as agriculture, construction, and power systems.”  

Beyond developing new interoperable medium access control architectures for 6G, Dr. McNair’s work focuses on developing intelligent wireless infrastructures to solve pressing societal problems, such as securing the energy grid, tracking agriculture food systems to ensure safe distribution of produce, and implementing an AI-based connected environment to ensure human safety in construction sites. 

“The integration of different types of wireless access with Internet of Things services, combined with artificial intelligence techniques, can enable recording and tracking of observations in places and along routes where there was previously no capability to observe,” says Dr. McNair. “When connected among a system of relevant stakeholders, this information can be used to prevent or reduce security breaches, outbreaks of foodborne illnesses and unnecessary on-the-job injuries and deaths.” 

Dr. McNair was honored to receive N2Women Star recognition.  

“It is great to be recognized and to have my research highlighted. N2Women has done an excellent service to the profession by highlighting the research and service accomplishments of top female researchers in networking and communications.”