Nelms Institute Unveils IoT Demos

Timed to coincide with Dr. Sachio Semmoto’s visit to UF, the Nelms Institute for the Connected World opened its doors on March 1, showing off a number of exciting and innovative IoT devices and projects. From interconnected weather stations to a Lego-based cyber-physical simulation of an industrial control system (ICS), these projects highlighted the diversity and importance of research being conducted at the Nelms Institute.

Use the annotated visual key below to see a list of the demonstrated projects and devices.

Demo Item Description
1 Weather Station (Dr. William Eisenstadt) The weather station is an all-in-one, low-cost solution and has been deployed in Haiti.
2 Remote Power Charger (Dr. David Arnold) The remote power charger demonstrates the capability in remotely charging phones and LED lights.
3 Smart Home Controller (Dr. Prabir Barooah) The smart home controller will integrate smart home sensor outputs into one platform to create centralized smart home management.
4 LEGO-based Cyber-Physical Platform (Dr. Yier Jin) A separate figure shows the LEGO-based industrial controlling system including a remotely control Ferris Wheel, a remotely controllable train, and a factory model.
5 Side-channel based information extraction (Dr. Yier Jin) The demo shows how side-channel information can be leveraged to extract internal encryption keys of IoT devices.
6 Security Processors (Dr. Yier Jin) The demo shows a fabricated ARM chip with security features which can be applied in IoT designs.
7 Autonomous Vehicle Testing Platform (Dr. Yier Jin) A few remotely controllable vehicle testing platforms are converted into autonomous vehicle platforms with multiple sensors included.
8 Smart Router (Dr. Yier Jin) The demo shows how a home router can be modified and enhanced to secure the communication between the IoT devices and the cloud so that smart home can be better protected.
9 Smart Card Hacking (Dr. Yier Jin) These demos show that how the commercial smart card (including those used for hotels) can be hacked and how to protect them from hacking.
10 Smart Counterfeit Medicine Detection (Dr. Swarup Bhunia) The demo leveraged EM sensors to determine the ingredients of medicine and thus detect counterfeit medicine.
11 Educational IoT Boards (Dr. Yier Jin) The demo shows some educational IoT development boards for course labs.