Instinctually Adaptive RF Front-End for Jamming-Immune Wireless Communication

Faculty:Roozbeh Tabrizian
Project Description:Tabrizian group at the University of Florida is exploring the development of novel hardware approach based on chip-scale instinctually adaptive and reconfigurable spectral processers. This technology relies on the novel ferroelectrically transduced nano-mechanical resonators that enable realization and monolithic integration of instinctual frequency selective limiters and bandpass filter arrays to cover wide spectrums over 0.3-30 GHz. This technology will transform communication systems through radical miniaturization of size, weight, and power consumption (SWaP) of their RF front-end module, and instinctual and instantaneous immunization of their operation to RF interference and jamming.The transformative semiconductor-based components in Tabrizian lab exploit electromechanical nonlinear scattering as the governing physics for real-time adaption and will enable the first chip-scale instinctually adaptive RF front-end for interference-immune and jamming-secure wireless systems.