R. James Toussaint, MD

Clinical Associate Professor and Division Chief

Division: Foot and Ankle


Email: toussrj@ortho.ufl.edu


Achilles tendon repair, Ankle arthroscopy, Ankle pain, Broken bone, Bunions, Charcot foot, Flat feet, Foot drop, Foot pain, Hammer toe, Heel pain, High arch, Neuromuscular disorders, Rheumatoid arthritis, Sprains, Tendon repair



My name is R. James Toussaint, MD. I am the chief of the foot and ankle division in the department of orthopaedic surgery and sports medicine. As a surgeon, I specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of orthopaedic injuries, with a particular interest in degenerative, traumatic and sports-related foot and ankle disorders.

I earned my bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Chicago. Then, I graduated with my medical degree from the New York University Grossman School of Medicine. I also pursued a residency in orthopaedic surgery at Harvard Medical School and a fellowship in orthopaedic surgery, with a focus on foot and ankle, at OrthoCarolina Foot and Ankle Institute in Charlotte, North Carolina.

In addition to teaching as a clinical associate professor at the University of Florida College of Medicine, I also practice at the UF Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine Institute. I became an orthopaedic surgeon because I enjoy body’s complex anatomy and I want to help my patients regain their mobility. I am constantly thinking of new ways to treat foot and ankle disorders, and I’ve published research articles about traumatic disorders to provide care in disaster situations. This is important to me, as I have experience treating victims of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings and providing care in Haiti following the 2010 earthquake.

Something that patients should know about me is that I always consider the spectrum of nonoperative treatments first. But if surgery is necessary, I encourage patients to ask questions and engage in shared decision making so that they feel comfortable with their treatment choice.

Outside of medicine, I enjoy collecting art and visiting art museums, especially UF’s Harn Museum of Art. I used to compete as a collegiate wrestler and I compete in triathlons when time permits. In 2021, I became a co-owner of the North Carolina Courage, one of the clubs in the National Women’s Soccer League.


Dr. Toussaint Uses 3D Printing Technology for Total Talus and Ankle Replacement Surgery



  • Fellowship, Foot and Ankle, OrthoCarolina Foot and Ankle Institute
  • Residency, Orthopaedic Surgery, Harvard Medical School
  • Medical School, New York University School of Medicine
  • Bachelor of Arts, Economics, University of Chicago


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    * Awarded Best Clinical Research Paper, Harvard Combined Orthopaedics Residency Program *
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