Student Spotlight: Archit Jaiswal

Archit Jaiswal is a Ph.D. candidate in Electrical & Computer Engineering at the University of Florida and a researcher at the Nelms Nanoscape lab. Before joining the Nelms Institute, he worked as a research and development engineer (level 2) in the defense industry, where he served as a technical lead in developing advanced systems to counter the threat possessed by small and medium-sized unmanned aerial vehicles. Multiple undergraduate research positions, corporate internships, and honors double bachelor’s in computer engineering and physics from the University of Texas at Arlington gave him valuable insights into multiple domains like IoT, embedded systems, and quantum computing.

Currently, he is researching solutions to address the range anxiety in electric vehicles and drones while also exploring innovative techniques of utilizing natural intelligence from insects and animals. As president of the IoT Students Club, Archit wants to improve students’ knowledge and awareness about the IoT field, showcasing his dedication to fostering growth and learning. Feel free to connect with him via LinkedIn and learn more about his previous projects through his YouTube videos and GitHub code repository.