UF Nelms Institute and ECE IoT Term Professor Oliveira Leading ENIGMA 2021 Program

Dr. Daniela Oliveira, IoT Term Professor of UF Warren B. Nelms Institute for the Connected World and Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, will co-chair ENIGMA 2021, to be held Feb. 1-3 in Oakland, CA. She will be joined by Dr. Lea Kissner, Global Lead of Privacy Technologies from Google. They will facilitate engaging talks on emerging security, privacy threats and defenses at the growing intersection of technology and society. Topics include but not limited to: web and network security, crypto usability, consumer privacy, disinformation and how they intersect with economics, cognitive and neurosciences, ethics and many more disciplines.

Enigma Conference aims at fostering intelligent and informed conversation with the research and development community and the world on security & privacy, dedicating to open science through open & focused conversations. Not only do the diverse background and expertise of the #ENIGMA2021 Program Committee reflect this goal, how their Call for Participation approach with actively engaging and coaching speakers also demonstrates the commitment to create dialogues that push the research community to evolve.

Call for Participation submissions due Wednesday, August 26, 2020: https://www.usenix.org/enigma2021/cfp . You may also follow the co-chairs Dr. Oliveira (@dseabraoliveira), Dr. Lea Kissner (@LeaKissner) and the Enigma Conference (@enigmaconf) on Twitter.