Nano-Dot Labels for Product Identification and Authentication

Faculty:Roozbeh Tabrizian
Project Description: The novel nano-dot labels operate based on intentional or randomized encryption of a digital string in the spectral signature of a resonant NEMS. The spectral signature of the nano-dot contains several high quality-factor / sharp peaks at different frequencies that corresponds to different natural mechanical resonance modes of the label. These peaks can be detected / identified through wireless interrogation of the nano-dot label through low-power wideband electromagnetic readers. The interrogated spectral signature of the nano-dot is then translated to a digital tag through an interpretation software. The unique nano-dot labels possess various promising / ground-breaking features: (1) nanoscale (< 50μm2 in size); (2) difficult to clone, tamper, or remove; (3) amenable for easy low-cost contactless readout; (4) low cost (< 1 cent / label) of batch fabrication using existing nano- fabrication process; and (5) suitable for creating both watermarks (same labels for all instances of a product type) as well as fingerprints (unique label for each instance of a product).