Intellectual Property (IP) Trust Validation using Formal Methods

Faculty:Prabhat Mishra
Project Description:The wide usage of hardware intellectual property cores from untrusted vendors has raised security concerns for system designers. Existing solutions for functionality testing and verification do not usually consider the presence of malicious logic in hardware. Formal methods provide powerful solutions for detecting malicious behaviors in hardware. However, they suffer from scalability issues and cannot be easily used for large-scale computing systems. To alleviate the scalability challenge, we pro- pose a new integrated formal verification framework to evaluate the trust of system-on-chip (SoC) constructed from untrusted third-party hardware resources. This framework combines an automated model checker with an interactive theorem prover to reduce the time for proving the system-level security properties of SoCs. We have developed a scalable IP trust validation framework using an effective combination of property checking, theorem proving, SAT solving and equivalence checking.