Detection of Harmful Chemical Dyes in Vegetables by NMR Spectroscopy

Faculty:Swarup Bhunia
Project Description:Food adulteration has been an alarming issue from past few years. Like many other foods, vegetables are contaminated with harmful chemicals such as dyes, pesticides, growth hormone medicines etc. These chemicals either make the vegetables look fresh or promote fast growth or longer shelf life. The contaminated vegetables are causing serious health hazards (e.g. cancer). There are some off the shelf solution which can detect contamination in foods. However, they are expensive, time consuming and mostly laboratory oriented. Therefore, we are proposing a cheap and fast operating device which takes samples from the vegetables and performs Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy on them. Finally, a machine learning based analysis on the NMR spectroscopic results reveal the presence of harmful chemicals mixed in those vegetables.