Energy-efficient Dynamic Reconfiguration in Real-Time Systems

Faculty:Prabhat Mishra
Project Description:TDynamic reconfiguration techniques are widely studied for improving cache energy without considering the implications of cache vulnerability. Maintaining a useful data longer in the cache can be beneficial for energy improvement due to reduction in miss rates, however, longer data retention negatively impacts the vulnerability due to soft errors. We have studied the trade-off between energy efficiency improvement and reduction in cache vulnerability during cache reconfiguration. We proposed a heuristic approach for both inter-task and intra-task cache reconfiguration in multitasking systems. Experimental results demonstrate that our proposed approach can significantly improve both vulnerability (25% on average) and energy efficiency (21% on average) for data caches without violating real-time constraints. We have also developed a wide variety of dynamic reconfiguration techniques that can improve area, power, performance, and reliability without violating real-time constraints.