Discovering Potential Market for the Integration of Public Transportation and Emerging Shared-mobility Services

Faculty:Lili Du
Project Description:This research seeks to discover the potential market from both demand and supply sides for the integration of public transit and emerging shared-mobility services. Mainly we would like to answer two questions. Who are the potential demand with high potential to use this intermodal services? Where and when are the supply gap/hubs to integrate this emerging mobility and public transit
services? To accomplish these research objectives, the study draws from several sources and approaches, including quantitative analysis of transit and ride-sourcing temporal-spatial service gaps and cooperative operation potential, employing statistical and machine learning approaches. Together, these efforts provide a snapshot for better understanding the potential market for rapidly widening shared mobility and promoting the ridership of public transit as well. Overall, the outputs of this project will increase the use of sustainable transportation modes, which may reduce urban congestion, emission and energy consumptions. Thus, the success of this project will help establish an eco-friendly transportation system.