NeTS: Small: Proof-of-Concept Study on an Emerging Mobile Data Transportation Network (NSF)

Faculty:Yuguang Fang
Project Description:This one-year project aims to demonstrate how to leverage light-weight vehicles equipped with powerful cognitive radio (CR) routers with high computational capability and relatively large storage capacity to perform spectrum sensing, processing and storing data, making intelligent decisions, and opportunistically transporting data for emerging IoT systems and smart cities applications. To achieve this goal, the project plans to design a flexible and agile cognitive network architecture to effectively take advantage of the added capability in vehicles. Under this architecture, a suite of spectrum management mechanisms will be developed from both access point of view and end- to-end service perspective. Delay-tolerant traffic will shift to this emerging network where harvested licensed or unlicensed spectrum can be used to opportunistically store-carry-forward data traffic. By designing various kinds of opportunistic data offloading mechanisms, the project seeks to explore the effectiveness of such a data transportation network.