Towards Personally-Relevant Learning: Use of Wearables to Bridge In-School and Out-of- School Learning

Faculty:Sharon Lynn Chu
Project Description:TIt is difficult for children to understand the relevance of science only through in- classroom instruction. Everyday experiences conversely represent rich opportunities for children to understand how science can be applicable in their everyday life. This research project proposes that wearable technologies may enable approaches that can bridge formal in-school learning with children’s out-of- school experiences, especially within the domain of science. The project investigates various strands inquiry to that effect, for example looking at different types of wearables to support children’s situated reflections, and different sensor-based interaction techniques for the teacher to personalize instruction in the classroom using situated reflections. Results so far are promising, and appear to indicate that wearable technology, if designed properly and when combined with other types of technologies, may have potential to make science lessons more personally relevant for students.