To Enact, To Tell, To Write: A Bridge to Expressive Writing through Digital Enactment

Faculty:Sharon Lynn Chu
Project Description:Expressive writing is core to the learning of all school subjects. An alarmingly high percentage of students enter middle school with low proficiency in writing, which hinders further learning in high school and college. A key reason for children’s difficulties is that writing requires not only proficiency in the technical aspects of language (e.g., grammar, sentence structure), but also the possession of ideas to convey, as well as a mastery of the process of translating ideas into expression. This project investigates an approach that decouples the technical aspects of writing from the imagination aspect, essentially enabling children to focus on one aspect at a time. The approach harnesses the power of full-body and puppet-based pretend play operationalized by low-cost motion-tracking technologies and sensors combined with animation.